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Water Purification

Ø     Alternating Destruction/Adsorption Capabilities for  Hydrocarbons in Water

Ø      Continuous Process

Ø      No Regeneration Period Required

Ø      Chemical Warfare Agent Destruction

Ø      Biological Agent Destruction

Ø      Creates Reusable Vehicle Wash Water


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The Army Research Office has awarded an SBIR grant to build a prototype energy wave water purification system.  This process will be capable of eliminating hydrocarbons and hazardous chemical agents in water contaminated by washing combat vehicles at front lines.  For the past 13 years, ERI has focused on utilizing energy waves to induce or enhance chemical reactions.






These efforts, made possible through industrial and governmental support, emphasize the development of new technologies for gas and water cleanup through selective destruction in contaminated waste streams.  When combat vehicles become contaminated with any number of chemical agents, washing these vehicles is required.


ERI Energy Wave Water Purification Process








This wash water may contain any combination of contaminants, including: engine oil, fuel, mud, chemical warfare agents or biological agents. The treatment of this waste stream can eliminate many of the health and environmental risks associated with the washing of a combat vehicle.  Also, by allowing the reuse of the wash water, the need to transport water is greatly reduced, a major benefit in locations where water supplies are scarce.

ADAMS Process

ERI studied several possible options for the microwave water purification system.  After extensive laboratory testing, the best option for this project was determined to be the ADAMS process.  This process, using an Alternating Destruction / Adsorption Energy Wave System (ADAMS), provides the highest overall DRE (destruction and removal efficiency). 

The ADAMS process utilizes a two-reactor system, both identical and packed with GAC (granular activated carbon).  The GAC acts selectively as an oxidation catalyst, a reducing agent, and as an adsorbent. 

The advantages of the ADAMS process lie in its ability to alternate reactor operations.






The unit can run in the “forward” direction, in which the first reactor has energy wave power applied to it.  This is the destruction reactor, where the majority of the hydrocarbons, microorganisms, and other contaminants in the water are destroyed by the  energy wave.  Next the water feeds into the second reactor, which has no  energy applied to it.  This reactor acts as an absorber, where the remaining hydrocarbons and other contaminants are adsorbed by the GAC bed.  The water then exits the system, cleaned of all hydrocarbons, microorganisms, and other contaminants.

The unit can also be ran in the “reverse” direction, which allows for the in place regeneration of the GAC.  The energy is shut off to the first reactor and is applied to the second reactor, formerly the absorber.  Next, all the valve positions are switched and the flow is reversed so that it flows through the energy wave reactor, and proceeds to the absorber.  This provides a continuous process with effective hydrocarbon removal and in place GAC regeneration.



Technological Advantages


v       Energy waves destroy chemical and biological warfare agents in aqueous solutions.

v       Energy waves GAC decompose hydrocarbons in aqueous solutions.

v       Energy waves also decontaminate mud and other solids separated from contaminated vehicles.

v       Energy waves oxidize any gaseouas components generated from the decomposition of  organics.

v      Energy waves kill microorganisms in water.

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