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  • In-Situ Technology 
  • Increases Speed and Efficiency of:

Soil Vapor Extraction, and Pump and treat


Enhanced Recovery, Inc.

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Enhanced Recovery, Inc. (ERI) developed and field-tested an innovative process that removes hydrocarbon contamination from the near surface formations and groundwater using energy wave. This in-situ technology is effective in increasing recovery for light, non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) and its contaminants.

Since 1995, ERI conducted continuous research and development at a Minnesota refinery. Full-scale operations have been successful in recovering hydrocarbon




at two separate sites within the refinery on two separate types of hydrocarbon. This proven technology reduces remediation costs compared to stand-alone alternatives such as pump-and-treat, and soil-vapor-extraction sys tems by reducing the remediation time.  The technology has been successfully used in conjunction with a pump-and-treat system on diesel-impacted groundwater.  And used successfully in conjunction with a soil-vapor-extraction system on gasoline-impacted soil.

ERI Energy Wave Carbon Regeneration & Chemical Recovery System




Principles of Technology

Energy waves are generated in a trailer-mounted unit on the surface. These energy waves are transmitted via conduit called a wave-guide. The waves travel through the wave-guide and are emitted from a sub-surface antenna suspended in a source well. The antenna is positioned at the water-hydrocarbon interface in a saturated zone.  Or positioned at the area of maximum contamination in the remediation of an unsaturated zone.  The source well is surrounded by recovery wells. Liquid and vapor products are simultaneously pumped from the source and recovery wells. The produced liquid is transferred to storage tanks. The vapor is condensed to liquid and stored separately.






The non-condensable vapors can be vented, flared, or treated, depending on the site. The liquid pumps recover only hydrocarbon from the top of the water table and produce miniscule amounts of associated
water. Only hydrocarbon is produced thus reducing the costs of treating a hydrocarbon water mixture. Stray microwaves are tested for but have never been detected at the surface.  With five years of experience remediating with microwaves in the middle of functioning refinery, there have been no associated human health concerns or interference with refinery operations.



Technological Advantages


       Provide a technology that can be used in conjunction with remediation systems already in place.

      This is an In-situ technology, which will reduce the total remediation time and will positively impact the bottom line economics.



    Will de-adsorb contamination from soil thereby cleaning up site more effectively.

      Will work with vapor and free product recovery.


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